OPENING HOURS: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday & Public Holidays 6.30PM - 9.00PM. Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays 11.30AM - 2.00PM.
BRUNCH: Every 3rd Sunday of each month.
Phone No: 03 9762 1688

* Prices are revised from 1st August, 2016

Plain Dosai$ 4.00Plain Dosai with Sambar & Chutney
Ghee Dosai$ 5.00Ghee Dosai with Sambar & Chutney
Chilli Dosai$ 5.00Chilli Dosai with Sambar & Chutney
Onion Dosai$ 5.00Onion Dosai with Sambar & Chutney
Masala Dosai$ 6.00Masala Dosai with Sambar & Chutney
Ghee/Masala Dosai$ 7.00Ghee/Masala Dosai with Sambar & Chutney
Chilli Masala Dosai$ 7.00Masala dosai with chilli flavoured and chutney and sambar
Onion/Masala Dosai$ 7.00Onion/Masala Dosai with Sambar & Chutney
Chilli/Onion Masala Dosai$ 8.00 Chilli/Onion/Masala Dosai with Sambar & Chutney
Idly$ 6.00Set of Iddly (3) with Sambar & Chutney
Puri$ 6.00 3 Puri in a plate, served with potato curry
Otthappam$ 6.00Otthappam topping with onion and carrot served with chutney and sambar
Vada$ 1.00 Vada Served with Chutney
Sambar Vada$ 3.00 Sambar Vada (2 pieces)
Parratas$ 6.00 2 Parratas with Koruma Curry
Rolls$ 2.00 1 piece
Laddu$ 5.005 Laddus in a box
Mixture$ 5.00 1 box of mixture
Kesari$ 1.50 per piece
Gulabjamun$ 5.00 1 box of gulabjamun
Tea/Coffee$ 1.50 1 cup of English tea or Coffee
Masala Tea$ 2.00 1 cup of Masala tea
Lassi$ 3.00 1 cup
Soft Drinks$ 1.50 1 can
Brunch $ 15.00 (Adult)
$ 7.50 (Kids)
Every 3rd Sunday of each month