Why Choose Custom Made Foot Orthotics?

Many patients are often prescribed custom made foot orthotics for relief of pain in the lower leg, foot, or ankle. These shoe insertions are used to fix structural or functional dysfunctions in the feet. podiatrist doncaster also allow patients to walk, stand, and move with greater ease and comfort. Custom made orthotic inserts are a great choice for people who do not have the time to go to the doctor and for those who have a foot issue that requires immediate treatment. Patients need to understand though that not all custom made inserts are equal; some may even cause more damage than they cure.

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The lower back is one area of the body which can be severely affected by custom made foot orthotics. Most of these back discomfort issues start as a dull pain in the lower back, spreading to the buttocks and down the legs. This is usually caused by poor posture or from a lack of proper support when walking, standing, or running.

Some of the causes which cause pain in the low-back area could be from spinal abnormalities, diabetes, muscle imbalances, spinal stenosis, nerve compression, and improper gait. In order for an orthotic to remedy the situation, it must correct one or more of the conditions noted above. If your low-back pain is severe or if you have any type of nerve compression symptoms, then it’s likely that a custom made foot orthotic could aid in addressing your needs. The most common prescriptions for this purpose are a pair of prescription foot orthotics called a post running shoe, also known as pronation insoles.

A custom made foot orthotic will also contain an assortment of different materials ranging from molded plastics to shock absorbents to gel or foam. All of these items serve to reduce stress on the muscles and tendons while walking and running, as well as reducing the effects of gravity on your ankles and legs. An athletic orthotic will usually include air cells to help distribute shock while running or jumping. Custom orthotics can also be used for conditions where there is extreme movement of the joints, such as plantar fasciitis.

If you have been experiencing some type of foot pain at the ankle or lower back area, you may want to consider a custom made foot orthotic. Pain in these areas is usually caused by either a lack of adequate shock absorption, or abnormal gait. Typically, people who have problems with their gait tend to develop ankle and lower back pain at some point. Custom orthotics can address both of these issues, providing pain relief to those who have had pain in these areas for years.

Orthotic technology has advanced the medical industry in many ways over the years, but custom made foot orthotics are one of the most popular and versatile options. No matter what your particular foot pain problem is, you should look into getting one of these devices. In fact, many people find that they are highly effective at dealing with chronic foot pain problems.